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About Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Mission Statement


To Promote and protect the interests of its members and the business community at large through public policy advocacy, creation and facilitation of commercial and industrial opportunity, provision of business development and services and observance of highest standard of business ethics

 Vision Statement


To remain the foremost Chamber of Commerce and Industry and role model for others in the promotion of sound business ethics and delivery of qualitative services.



Founded in 1888, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the Premier Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria. It was incorporated in 1950 as a non-profit making organization, Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act of 1948.

The primary objective of the Chamber is to promote, support or oppose legislative or other measures affecting trade, industry, commerce and agriculture as well as representing the opinion of the business community on the above matters in particular, and the economy as a whole.



The Chamber has grown impressively from a membership of 14 in 1888 to over 1,500 today. Since its incorporation the Chamber has continued to play a significant role in the economic growth of Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general.

The activities of the Chamber are carried out through various Sectoral Groups and Service Committees which cover a variety of interests. The Chamber’s Secretariat provides the administrative and technical support for the day-to-day working of the Chamber

The Council of the Chamber is the highest policy making body and usually meets bi-monthly on the first Wednesday of the month to deliberate on issues of importance to the Chamber, the business sector and the economy at large. Members, who are not members of the Council, could attend the council meeting as observers.

Relations with government and other relevant bodies


The chamber, as the representative organ of the business community, is the voice of the 0rganised private sector in Lagos. It maintains regular consultations with the government on policies and measures affecting business and the economy.

At the national level, the Chamber is a leading and active member of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA).

When necessary, it makes representations to the Federal Government on issues of interest to the business community and the economy.

What we offer

  1. The Chamber promotes Trade and Industry and also represents the opinion of the business community on matters affecting Trade and Industry of Lagos State and where applicable the whole Federation. It is incorporated as a non-profit making organization and its income and property are applied solely for the promotion of its objectives.
  2. It is the central organization for collecting distributing and disseminating information of a business nature, especially regulations, tariffs, opportunities for trade and other matters affecting local and foreign markets.
  3. In the pursuit of its objectives, the Chamber is non-racial, non sectarian, non-political and gender friendly.
  4. The Chamber is a leading member of Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) and is affiliated to the Federation of West Africa Chambers of Commerce (FWACC), and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It has direct contacts with Foreign Chambers of Commerce throughout the world and it can thus give global service to its members, individually and collectively.
  5. Apart from its continuous efforts at promoting the collective business interest of its members, the Chamber provides customized services to individual members.
  6. Letters of introduction are issued to members to facilitate visa procurement for international travels.
  7. Numerous directions, trade journals and periodicals from virtually every country in the world are available to members in the Chamber’s Library and Business Information Centre.
  8. Certificates of Origin are endorsed at a moderate cost to members. The service is also extended to non-members.
  9. (a) The Chamber’s Annual Report and monthly Newsletters are given to members.(b) A Bi-annual Business Directory of members is currently being published to enhance marketing and networking within and outside the LCCI.
  10. The Chamber’s publications are among the leading works of reference and research on investment potentials in Nigeria. Advertisement in the journals and directory is open to members of the Chamber and non-members alike.
  11. The Chamber is recognized as the official body through which opinion on commercial and industry matters can be presented directly to Government or other authorities, both national and local. It is frequently consulted by government in advance, on the preparation of new legislation affecting the business community.
  12. The Chamber organizes in-house and off-site skills and cognitive training workshops for members and non-members alike. In addition, it carries out consultancy services for members, especially on development of business plan, feasibility study, market research, etc. through its Business Education Service & Training Unit.

Sectoral Groups and Committees

To discharge its duties effectively, the Chamber is structured into sectoral groups which are as listed below:

i.    Agriculture and Non-Oil Export

ii.   Automobile

iii. Construction and Engineering Services

iv. Financial Services

v. Freight Forwarding

vi. Industrial

vii. Information Communications Technology

viii. Liquefied Petroleum Gas

ix. Oil Producers Trade Sector (OPTS)

x. Petroleum and Energy

xi. Petroleum Downstream

xii. Professional Practice

xiii. Small and Medium Enterprises and Distributive

xiv. Transport


For more information, contact

Membership Relationship Manager

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Commerce House,

1, Idowu Taylor Street,

Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria

Tel:  +234-1-7616970 , 7746617,

E-mail: lcci@lagoschamber.com




The Information Centre

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Commerce House,

1, Idowu Taylor Street,

Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria

Tel:  +234-1-2701009  , 2705386
E-mail: consulting@lagoschamber.com

Website: www.lagoschamber.com

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