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Terms and Conditions for Trade Fair Participation

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Unless otherwise provided, the terms:

a) “The Organisers” means The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).b) The Trade Promotion Board (TPB) means the Board set up by the LCCI for the planning and management of its Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.

c) “Exhibitor” means any company, partnership, firm, government, or individual to whom space is allocated for exhibiting products/goods, services at the Trade Fair including its employees, servants and agents.

d) “The Contract” means the Agreement entered into between the Organisers and the Exhibitor for the allocation of exhibit Space/Stand/Pavilion to the Exhibitor on the Fair grounds.

e) “The Exhibit Space/Stand/Pavilion” means the space stand or pavilion of stated dimensions/size allocated to each Exhibitor.

f) “The Trade Fair” or “Fair” means the National, Regional, Specialised and Annual International Trade Fair organised by the Trade Promotion Board of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

g) “The Fair Grounds” means the grounds on which the Fair is holding.

h) “The Exhibits” means the products, goods, materials and/or services displayed or mounted by each Exhibitor for either sale or viewing or for patronage.

i) LCCI” means The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

j) “Marketing Agents” means accredited Agents for marketing purposes only as independent operatives who should conform with the laid down regulatory conditions and terms including those in this document.

k) “Participant” means exhibitors, paying (ticket) visitors, organisers, invited guests, trade fair officials and anyone lawfully holding the Organisers’ official I.D. Card.



a) Organisers shall only allocate space to exhibitors who have made full and complete payment for space booked as at the commencement of space allocation. Any space reservation booking made without necessary financial back-up will not be allocated.

b) All applications for space for participation at the Trade Fair shall be made on the prescribed Application Form issued by the Organisers or as shown on the Organisers’ website.

c) The completed Application Form shall be submitted together with full payment to the Organisers to qualify for allocation. Online payment and submission of application form are also allowed. Please visit our website – www.lagoschamber.com

c) On signature by the appropriate parties and compliance with terms stated on the application form, the document becomes a binding contract between the parties.

d) The Exhibitor shall not assign the contract to third parties without the express consent in writing of the Organisers.

e) All Exhibitors shall be registered and given an EXHIBITION PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER or I.D. Card.


a) The Organisers shall allocate space/stand/pavilion to each Exhibitor in accordance with the Organisers’ sectoral classification of products/materials/ services. The Organisers reserve the right to allocate and re-allocate available space, size on the Fairgrounds entirely at the Organisers’ own discretion. Unilateral changing of allocated space or re-allocation of space by Exhibitors is not allowed. If this is done, the Organisers shall dismantle such stand and the defaulter shall pay the cost of dismantling.

b) The Organisers reserve the right to change the allocation of any Exhibitor without being liable for damages or compensation if circumstances call for such change and/or if the Exhibitor failed to take possession of his space/stand within the prescribed period.

c) Exhibitors must strictly adhere to the standard module of space booking of 18m2 minimum and subsequent additions of 9m2 during payment. Bookings not in this module shall not be allowed.

e) Exhibitors with prefabricated or special stands/pavilion or tents are to make available the dimension and areas of the tents at the time of payment to enable the LCCI put such into space allocation considerations.

f) Exhibitors must ensure that original receipt of payment for space is always available in their pavilion and should be produced when demanded by the Organisers’ Monitoring Team.

g.) Exhibitors with special/additional service or utility requirements (e.g. water, electricity or any other special request) should indicate at the point of payment for planning purposes.

h.) Exhibitors with false information especially on services/materials or products grouping shall have his/her allocation disqualified.



a) Exhibitors shall exhibit only the particular products goods or materials or product group or type stated on their Application Form already approved by the Organisers.

b) Products, goods or materials which offend the local culture, religions or the standard public decency shall not be exhibited.

c) Exhibitors must man their stands with competent personnel at all times during the duration of the Fair.

d). Exhibition of good on walkways and corridors is strictly prohibited and any good displayed in these areas will be confiscated and will not be returned to the owners

e). Hawking of goods under any guise is strictly prohibited and person caught in such act will be arrested and the good confiscated and will not be returned.



6. Damage / Defacement to the Fair Complex Structures / Halls / Properties

Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage to any structure including the Halls, buildings and stands and shall not paint or otherwise deface or alter or affix anything to the floors, ceilings, pillars or walls without the prior written consent of the Organisers.


The Fair Grounds shall be open to Exhibitors at a date fixed by the Organisers for the purpose of the construction of their Stands/Pavilions and the mounting of their various Exhibits, materials and products. All stands must conform to the prototype provided by the organiser.


Exhibitors shall have the responsibility of disposing packaging materials in such a way and manner as shall not constitute a nuisance or obstruct the free movement of persons and traffic or disfigure or endanger the environment.


Exhibitors shall not keep in or on their stands or pavilions or any part of the Fair Grounds chemicals or materials of a toxic or hazardous nature.


Exhibitors shall not engage in and shall not allow any part of their stands, pavilions or space allocated to them to be used for gambling, drinking, drug trafficking, wrestling, boxing, dancing or  anti-social behaviours. The Organisers’ opinion must be sought and approval  obtained in writing for proposed activities on the Fairgrounds which may offend the  Fair Organisers and/or other exhibitors or visitors.


It is the belief of the organisers that noise pollution can be dangerous to both exhibitors and visitors alike. Use of public address system and music gadgets shall be limited to the exhibitor’s pavilion; the noise level must be contained within the four-walls of the exhibitor’s pavilion.
Any exhibitor who violates this term shall have his equipment confiscated.


Exhibitors shall dismantle their Stands/Pavilions and vacate their allocated space not later than three (3) days after the closing of the Trade Fair. Failing which the stand will be dismantled by the Organisers and they shall be liable to pay the sum of $500 or N15,000 to the Organisers.



a) All payments due to the Organisers for the allocation of space, charges for utilities and advertisements in the Trade Fair Catalogue shall be paid in full by Bank Drafts or Bank Certified Drafts made payable to the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)

b) Online payments can be made on the Chamber’s website: www.lagosinternationaltradefair.com

c) Payments by Nigerian Exhibitors (Companies registered in Nigeria) or its accredited agents shall be made in Naira.

d) Payments by all Foreign Exhibitors shall be made in US Dollars.

e) Each Exhibitor shall pay the total cost of the space allocated to it immediately on advice.

f) All invoices issued to Exhibitors must be settled immediately on receipt by such Exhibitor.



Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the Organisers in respect of any breach of Contract on the part of any Exhibitor, the Organisers may, at their discretion, allow such Exhibitor to withdraw from participation subject to the following conditions:

a) The Exhibitor shall give to the Organisers written notice of his desire to withdraw from participation at the Trade Fair.

b) If the said withdrawal is accepted, the Organisers shall convey their acceptance in writing to the affected Exhibitor.

c) Such notification of acceptance of the withdrawal by the Organisers shall constitute the termination of the contractual relationship between the parties and furthermore the Exhibitor would be required to
pay a penalty for such termination.

d) The amount of such penalty shall be stated in the Organisers’ notification in (c) above and such amount shall be that proportion of the stand rental refundable as specified below:

Date of Receipt of Notice of Withdrawal

Proportion of Payment Refundable

(i)         Before 31st August 2017 ………..90%

(ii)        Between 1st Sept.- 23rd Oct 2017…. 50%

(iii)       On or after 24th October 2017….… Nil


a) In the event of default or failure on the part of the Exhibitor in observing or performing any of the provisions of the Contract or of the Terms and Conditions of this Prospectus, the Organisers shall have the right to terminate the Contract forthwith by notice in writing to such defaulting Exhibitor.

b) In the event of such termination mentioned in (a) above all rentals paid by the defaulting Exhibitor shall be forfeited to the Organisers.

c) The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organisers against all cost, losses, damage or expenses (including any consequential loss or damage) incurred as a result of such failure or default.

a) The Organisers reserve the right to change the venue and duration of the Trade Fair if exceptional circumstances so demand and on due notification to the Exhibitors.

b) In the event of such change as stated in a) above all contracts and/or other Agreements for participation shall remain in force and the Exhibitors shall not be entitled to any claim for damages or compensation for such change


a) The Organisers shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by any Exhibitor, Participant or Contractor or any other persons for the cancellation or postponement of the Trade Fair or the reduction of the advertised duration of the Fair as a result of:

(i) Force majeure

(ii) Acts of war, military activity, political /civil unrest, disturbances or riots.

(iii) Legislation by Federal, State, or Local Government Authority.
(iv) Fire, flood, tempest, excessively inclement weather, storms, earthquake.
(v) Damage caused by an aerial object or aircraft.
(vi) Strikes or lockouts by workmen.

b) In the event of the cancellation or postponement of the Fair as a result of any or combination of the events stated above payments made by Exhibitors may be refunded by the Organisers subject to necessary deductions to cover processing and administrative costs and expenses incurred by the Organisers.


a) Subject to approval, Exhibitors may be granted permission by the Organisers to construct, and set up their Stands/ Pavilions or schemes themselves provided they follow laid down procedures and designs as communicated from time to time by the Organisers.

b) Before commencing such construction the Exhibitor must have a confirmed space allocation and must also submit the drawings for the proposed construction for necessary approval in writing by the Organisers or their designated agents.

c) The Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage caused to neighbouring or other Exhibitors, or the common property of Visitors by such Exhibitor or their servants or agents during such construction.

d) The construction, furnishing and decoration of all stands/pavilions or shell scheme stands, must be completed by 6pm of 3rd November, 2017.

e) Any Exhibitor whose constructed stand extends beyond the space paid for and approved for such Exhibitor, shall be liable to pay as penalty an amount equal to double the cost of such additional space.

f) Please note exhibitors who construct stands using more space than the area paid for and allocated to them shall be surcharged for the additional space at the double the normal rate for such space. Contravention notice and debit notes shall be served on such organisation and the Organiser shall seize the company’s   property commensurate with the amount being owed as a guarantee for the payment of the stipulated fine. Upon service of contravention notice and debit notes for such surcharge. Contravening party would be expected to pay within a  period of 48 hours, failure of which the organiser shall be free to dispose of the seized items.


Only accredited service providers will be allowed to operate within the fair arena before, during and after the fair.This services include but not limited to provision and supply of furniture, mobile toilets, canopies and tents and generators.


a) Exhibitors shall be responsible for the cost of transporting their Exhibits to the Fair grounds and shall also be responsible for the cost of dismantling and removing them at the conclusion of the Fair.

b) Movement of vehicles and off-loading of Exhibits/goods shall not be allowed during the hours of the Fair (i.e. 8.30a.m. – 6p.m.) throughout the duration of the Fair.

c) The removal of Exhibits/goods from the Fair grounds and the dismantling of stands/pavilions shall not be allowed on the day of the closing ceremonies of the Fair.
d) The Exhibitors shall remove all Exhibits/goods from the Fairgrounds within three (3) days of the conclusion of the Fair failing which they shall be liable to indemnify the Organisers in the sum of One Hundred US Dollars ($100) per day or Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000.00) for everyday for which they are in breach of the period of grace.


a) All reasonable security precautions shall be taken by the Organisers during the duration of the Fair for the safety and protection of Exhibitors and Visitors to the Fair.

b) Exhibitors shall however be responsible for the security of their stands/pavilions exhibits and goods and the Organisers shall not be held liable for any loss, or theft or damage to such Exhibits/goods before, during, or after the Fair.

c) In order to ensure adequate security for all persons, Exhibitors, Visitors and the Organisers, contractors and their agents, the driving of any vehicles within the Fair grounds, as well as the parking of vehicles on the Fairgrounds (except designated car parks) between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm daily throughout the duration of the Fair is not allowed.

d) Persons who contravene the rule would have their vehicle towed and be liable to pay a fine of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000.00) or US$50 for every hour that the vehicle remains on the fair grounds.

e) Any security breach should be reported to the organisers or the police post on the fairground.


For the safety of all exhibitors and visitors, the use of private electricity generating sets by exhibitors is strictly prohibited. The Organisers shall provide electricity for the entire fair ground. If it becomes extremely necessary for any exhibitor to use its own private generator, such exhibitor must apply to the organisers in writing for approval of such a facility.



a) Materials used in stand and display construction must be properly fire-proofed in accordance with local regulations.

b) Fire men shall patrol the Fair grounds and would be authorised to limit or stop any demonstration by any Exhibitor that in their estimation could be a potential fire hazard.

c) All Exhibitors shall be required to provide Fire Extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment at their stands/pavilions


All Exhibitors shall maintain appropriate policy of insurance to cover their property, personnel, products, goods and equipment as well as their participation at the Trade Fair and shall indemnify the Organisers against all costs, claims, demands and expenses to which they may be subject as a result of any loss or damage, claim or injury occurring or arising to any persons, equipment, goods or structures however caused during the duration of the Fair. For this purpose the clause, “the duration of the fair” shall include the period before the actual official commencement of the fair, when stands, pavilions and structures are being erected and Exhibits mounted and the period after the official closing when Stands, Pavilions and all structures are being dismantled and Exhibits removed.

24a This Insurance Policy to be taken by Exhibitors shall cover risks associated with, amongst others, loss or damages suffered by Exhibitors and/or visitors from fire, flood, rainstorm, tempest, excessively inclement weather and failure of equipment and machinery (whether supplied by Exhibitors or Organiser) and other related unforeseen occurrences


a) The Organisers absolutely prohibit the display or sale of the underlisted items during the Trade Fair:
(i) Explosives and inflammable materials.
(ii)Firearms and ammunitions
(iii) Radioactive products and materials
(iv) Wildlife and dangerous animals
(v) Pornographic or offensive materials

b) Any Exhibitor wishing to use or demonstrate with petrol, fuel oil, paraffin, ethyl alcohol, acetylene, or any other combustible materials or operate any machine/equipment that may cause or is likely to cause explosions and/or fire outbreaks, shall be required to obtain the approval in writing of the Officials of the Nigeria Fire Brigade present on the Fair grounds.

c) The Organisers may disallow any demonstration or display by any Exhibitor of any equipment or material, which in their opinion may cause offence.

d) Demonstrations by Exhibitors with heavy moving machinery or equipment shall be undertaken only at agreed intervals as stipulated by the Organisers.

(i) Such demonstrations shall take place within an area safely protected by a wire fence and/or any other material as stipulated by the Organisers.
(ii) Exhibitors shall ensure that such heavy machinery and equipment are adequately and properly manned.


a) Mobile Exhibitors, Hawkers, Vagrants, itinerant traders, beggars etc. shall not be allowed within the Fair Grounds during the Trade Fair.

b) Hawking of goods is prohibited within the Fair grounds.

c) Such goods shall be confiscated.

27. Sale of Exhibits

a) Exhibitors may sell their Exhibits/Goods at the Fairgrounds subject to the Nigeria Customs Service Regulations and with the permission of the Organisers.

b) The sale of Exhibits/goods shall be confined to each Exhibitor’s stand / Pavilion only.

28. Importation / Re-Exportation of Exhibits

a) A list of Exhibits imported for the Fair must be prepared and shown to the Nigeria Customs Service at the point of entry.

b)Exhibits/goods shall be re-exported within three (3) months from the end of the Trade Fair or it will be deemed that the goods have been sold and duty shall be paid.

c)Duty shall be paid on any missing items not satisfactorily accounted for.



Exhibitors shall be given entry passes as shown in 27(a), while others and visitors shall only be allowed entry into the fair arena with tickets paid for as follows:
a) Single entry ticket – N200.00
b) Extra Exhibitors’ Car Sticker – N1,500 per car

29(a). Exhibitors are entitled to car stickers and exhibitor’s passes as outlined below:

Space              Car stickers      Exhibitors’ passes              Electricity
18m2-36m2               1                      2                     1 Lighting point
45m2-63m2               1                     3                      2 Lighting point
72m2-99m2               1                    4                      3 Lighting point
108m2-144m2           2                   5                     4 Lighting points
153m2-198m2            2                  6                      5 Lighting points
207m2-252m2           2                  7                      6 Lighting points
261m2-306m2           3                   7                     7 Lighting points
315m2-405m2           3                  8                     8 Lighting points
414m2-504m2          3                   9                    9 Lighting points
513m2– 639m2         3                   10                    10 Lighting points
648m2– 1035m2      4                   10                   11 Lighting points


b) Additional request for passes should be made to the Ticket/gate passes Franchisee.

c) Please note that a Car Sticker admits the driver of a car and one other person intothe general ground car park. Other passengers in the car passing through the official gate of the exhibition must possess an Entry Ticket/Gate Pass except for the official driver for VIPs or all passengers in a vehicle with VIP Gate Pass. All visitors should park their vehicles at the designated car parks.


The Organisers reserve the right as and when necessary to issue supplementary regulations in addition to those in each Contract made between the Exhibitors and the Organisers as well as Terms and       Conditions for participation.



Any dispute, difference, or question which may arise between the Organisers and any Exhibitor touching upon the true construction of the Contract made between the parties and or these Terms and Conditions for Participation or the rights and liabilities of the parties shall be decided by the Trade Promotion Board of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the planners and managers of the Fair, and such decision shall be final. Similarly, for the purpose of interpretation of the foregoing Terms and Conditions/Individual clauses contained therein, the organisers’ interpretation shall be final.

Further information about the Fair can be obtained from:

The Director, Trade Promotion
Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1st Floor, Commerce House
1, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria, Island, Lagos.
Tel: 08091119852,08039115606,08066143724, 08099350457,08091119854, 08034714695,08099350457
Email: litf@lagoschamber.com,

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